Eporex Deep wave technology:
Superior efficacy through innovation

Eporex gives people effective treatments to shape their body and improve skin tone and texture by applying the very latest technological innovations.

Eporex treatments include:

  • Weight-loss or targeted fat reduction fat deposits 
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Stretch mark Reduction

Eporex® is an optimized system of cutaneous transport based upon a large number of accredited studies, in particular, research in the field of physical mechanisms that increase the penetration and spread of active ingredients into the epidermis.

With Eporex® we have created a new generation of transdermal delivery system, bringing about and advancing upon, a synergy of already known techniques such as Ionophoresis, Iontophoresis, and Electroporation, to create an innovative method for active molecular transcutaneous transport called ISOPHORESIS.

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Adipose Fat


Stretch Marks


Patented Delivery System

Osmotic and conductive processes

The chamber is structured in such a way that the armatures are fixed and constantly in contact with the nutrients, which ensures their constant ionisation, ready for transmission.

Unique physical synergy

Electro-repulsion repels nutrients into tissue, Electro-Osmosispasses them through the pores, Electro-poration opens tiny channels in lipids Electro-incorporation forces smaller molecules through the epidermis.


New Woman Butt rating: 8/10

"Did it work? Like you wouldn't believe! I could see a difference after my first treatment..."

Real Magazine Verdict: 9.5/10

"Incredibly impressive! After just five sessions, I lost 5.5cm from my waist and 3cm from each thigh..."

Elle Magazine Rating: 4/5

"Definitely worth it! The shape and tone of my bum is much better and I've noticeable lost fat from my hips."

Patient Results


How many Eporex® treatments are normally required?

Clients see an immediate improvement from the first treatment. The skin will be in a better condition, fresher and more vital. If the treatment targeted fat reduction, the area will be more toned. Immediately following the treatment, the nutrients are utilised by cells, working to correct the condition. Each week, we see a substantive improvement.

How does Eporex® work?

Eporex’s unique combination of patented and clinically proven methodologies offers clients a bespoke treatment approach. Nutrients are selected which have specific cellular actions. Eporex® deploys them to great depth though the skin where developing cells use them to correct the problem, such as burning fat stores or regenerating skin.

How long do the results last?

It depends on the treatment. Stretch marks don’t return unless the skin suffers similar stress that caused them. Fat won’t reappear unless we put new fat back on. Cellulite can appear again over time so maintenance sessions may be required to keep it at bay.

What can Eporex® treat?

Eporex® is extremely effective in reducing fat, whether that’s larger areas such as the abdomen or small pockets, such as under the chin. Eporex®also accelerates the regeneration of deep tissue and so is also perfect for treating cellulite and stretch marks.

Where does Eporex® come from?
Eporex® is manufactured by Medical & Technology Srl., Italy, with medical CE mark, Class IIb. M&T is ISO certified 13485.
What are the treatment times?
Eporex® treatments are typically bought in courses of 7 sessions lasting around 30 minutes each.
Can anyone have Eporex® treatments?

Adults or young people over 16 with parental approval can have treatments unless they are contraindicated by pregnancy, having a pacemaker or any serious medical condition.

How long is it before results start to show?
That can depend on a lot of factors such as the severity of the condition, the age of the client and the client’s objectives. What’s important is that the condition improves treatment by treatment.

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