Spring Thread


A New Approach to Threads:
a revolutionary elastic thread for longer lasting skin lifting and rejuvenation

Spring Thread® is the innovative procedure that restores youthful contours and skin firmness by lifting and repositioning sagging skin, imitating connective tissue. Its unique flexible thread technology provides natural looking and seriously long-lasting results.

Spring Thread® is CE approved and 100% manufactured in France to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards. Now available in over 40 countries, more than 90,000 threads have been implanted since 2008.

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Flexible Elastic Thread

With similar elasticity to the skin, around 20%, Spring Thread dynamically stabilises the tissue for more natural looking results.

Numerous Cogs

24 per CM and pointing in 4 directions gives very strong lifting and distributes tension along the whole length of the thread.

Rounded Cogs

Rounded cogs mean less trauma and a more comfortable patient experience.

Longer Lasting

Unlike common threads, good results with Spring Thread last between 3 and 10 years, dependent upon the implantation technique.

Permanent Materials

Made of polyester and silicone, material used in surgery for 50+ years, Spring Thread is the safe option as it’s 100% biocompatible and can be removed as a single piece. 

More Technical Possibilities

Can be used for non-surgical lifting as well as with surgical lifting, incorporated into MACS-lift.

Step by Step

70 %






35 +



Lifting via Permanent Suspension Threads

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Patient Results

Photos range from before treatment and between 9-18 months after, courtesy of Dr Denis Guillo


What is Spring Thread® made of?

Spring Thread® consists of a silicone matrix that provides elasticity and flexibility, and a polyester helix core which provides control of the elasticity.

Are the materials safe?

Spring Thread® is a perfectly biocompatible composite implant which is completely accepted by the tissue.

Who is it suitable for?

Spring Thread® is suitable for both men and women and clients are typically aged from 35 years to the over 70’s with sagging skin on the face, neck or brows.

How long do the results last?
Spring Thread® is permanent meaning the results are extremely long lasting (typically 3 years and more, dependent on laying technique.
Spring Thread® and absorbable threads?
Regular thread lifting treatments typically use absorbable materials that lose their strength quickly and cannot lift the skin. Spring Thread®, on the other hand, has the objective of replacing loose connective tissue with a permanent, cogged suture that provides long lasting lift to skin and rejuvenation.
Can Spring Thread® be considered as an alternative to a surgical lifting?

It is often ideal for people who don’t quite need, or want surgical face lifting, or indeed, people who have already undergone surgery some years previous and are seeking a top up.

Where does Spring Thread® come from?

Spring Thread® has been 100% manufactured in France by 1st SurgiConcept, since 2008.

What approval does Spring Thread® have?

Spring Thread® is CE marked, Class IIb, as an elastic suture with cogs whilst manufacturer 1st SurgiConcept is ISO 13485

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